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Our team is a highly skilled, truly dedicated group who work together like a family.  We listen to each other, like we listen to our clients.  We thrive on each others’ energy and ideas.


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This and more is why we are the best in exterior and interior renovation.

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Throughout our trajectory we have proven to be one of the best in this industry, always maintaining the quality and professionalism that has characterized us.

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General Renovations Interior and Exterior

Whatever your reasons or needs for your interior or exterior residential remodeling/Renovating project, the experts at JK RENOVATION LLC are here to help.

There are a wide range of reasons to consider an interior or exterior home remodel/Renovation. These may include functional and up-to-code components, updated fixtures, extending the space, utilizing existing space, or installing great indoor or outdoor amenities.

Residential and Commercial Painting

Our professional painters apply finishes to protect and decorate surfaces in residential buildings, commercial buildings, institutional and industrial buildings and construction sites. They prepare different surfaces (wood, masonry, plaster, chalky and synthetic surfaces, cement, metal) before applying materials such as paint, high performance coverings, waterproof materials, flame retardant materials, varnish, lacquer, wall coverings and special finishes.

There are many other services, Tell us your requirements

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